Acoustic Alchemy

O-22, an S23 ( made specially for Nick Webb which was in fact the first proto type of the new S model..and a George Lowden Concert guitar (1987) made in Ticino, Switzerland in my friend Werner Ernst’s house
“Against the grain”
“Back on the case”
“Early Alchemy” … and many more recordings of theirs.

Alex de Grassi

O25c and more recently a F-35 quilted maple / sitka signature model
“Beyond the night sky”
“Bolivian blues bar”
“de mania”
“The water garden”

Bill Shanley

Bill is from west Cork and is Irelands top session guitarist as well as being a recording artist in his own right…… for guitar at its best listen to his latest album (O23 and others)

Brendan Devereux

“Songs from a yellow chair”

Brian Kennedy

“A better man” and other recordings

Chris Weiss

“Reflection” O25c

Colin Reid


Damien Rice

“O” “9”

David Gray

Models used O25c and an O35
“A new day at midnight” “White Ladder”

Eric Clapton

Model O-38
“Pilgrim” “Reptile”

Eric Roche

Model O- 1o, O23, O25 custom
“The perc u lator” and others

Foy Vance

“A good friend and fantastic songwriter and performer”
“Hope” released July 2007.

Geraint Griffiths

Model O25

Gilles Le Bigot

Fantastic guitar player from France I first met in 1978

Hothouse Flowers

“Born” “Songs from the rain”


Great Swiss group playing Django style!
“I saw stars”

Ian Melrose

“Wolves” “A scottish Legacy” “Between the sighs”

Jacques Stotzem

“Connections” “Fingerprint” “Two Bridges”

Jad Azkoul

Great Swiss concert player using a George Lowden concert guitar
“De granada A buenos aires”

Jason Kessler

“Classical 12-String Steel” “zabethan & Renaissance Music”

John Walsh – Jameson’s Revenge

(S10c, S22c 12string, Millenium twins, RT1/AMO F23, S23)
“Aon do tri” “Straight from the bottle” “Humours of Ballylaughlin/ Hammy Hamilton’s” “Sabrina” “Johnny’s Tune”

Jon Gomm

“Hypertension” “Don’t Panic”

Justin Sullivan

“New Model Army”

Kieran Goss

(O-10, S23, S35)
“Blue Sky Sunrise” “Out of my head – The best of Kieran Goss” “New Day”

Lee Rogers

“Drawing Clocks”

Margarita Escarpa

George Lowden Concert ( Brazilian rosewood and Alpine spruce)

Martyn Joseph

Model SE2 ( nearest model today would be F22c)
Live (DVD) and many many more of his recordings

Mary Black (Declan Sinnot)

O 25 and other models
“Babes in the wood” “No frontiers” ….. and more

Michael Card

“poiema” and other more recent recordings

Mike Silver

Ku Sema

Paul Brady

( O25, O-38 and O22 )…
“Say what you feel” “Oh what a world “Spirits colliding” and many more ……….

Pierre Bensusan

“Intuite” “Nice Feeling” … and many more “Spices” “Musiques”

Richard Capener

“River” F32c

Richard Thompson
“More Guitar” “Ducknapped “ “Faithless” “ The Chrono Show” “ Live in Providence” “ Live from Austin Texas” “Front parlour Ballads” …. and many many more including “Sweet Warrior” from 2007

Snow Patrol

“A hundred Million Suns”

Stephen Inglis

Waimaka Helelei, with Dennis Kamakahi (ʻAumakua Records-AR011), 2011- Best Slack Key Album 2012 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards – O10C Slackinʻ on Dylan (ʻAumakua Records-AR007), 2010 Best Folk Album- 2011 Hawaii music Awards- 010C Live at Wardʻs Rafters (ʻAumakua Records-AR0005), 2009- 010C Nā Pō Mākole, The Night Rainbows (ʻAumakua Records-AR002), 2008-O10C Mahina O Waiʻalae (ʻAumakua Records-AR0001), 2007-010C, F32C Driftwood (LocoMotive Music-LMM05001), 2005 O10C Fringes of the Wayside (LocoMotive Music -WTWCD001), 2004 F32C COMPILATION CD Hawaiian Slack Key Kings, Vol. 2, 2009 – O10C

Thom Leshinsky

Downloads:- The waiting place ( O-22c) Tales from the west (O-22c, S25J, S23)

Thomas Kieffer

Thomas Leeb

“I believe Thomas is one of the worlds most innovative and musical players of today and am proud that he plays my guitars – not to mention helping us to demonstrate their capabilities!”
“DownSideUp” “Riddle” “Spark” “ Desert Pirate”

Tim Thompson


Todd Hallawell

“Before my time”

Tom Long

“Live at McCabe’s” “Monkeys violate the heaven palace” “satis verborum”