Limited Edition

70th Birthday

To celebrate George Lowden’s 70th birthday we are releasing a special run of limited edition guitars each one featuring a unique specification carefully chosen by George himself.
70th Birthday Guitar Label

Custom Features

Each guitar will feature a bespoke commemorative internal label, numbered and signed personally by George, unique accompanying provenance documentation, and a soundbox bevel*. Additionally, each guitar will feature a custom LXX (Roman numerals for 70) inlay at the 12th fret designed by inlay specialists, Pearl Works.

*Excluding Wee Lowden and Signature Models where bevel is not included in standard specification.

Throughout his life and career, George Lowden has drawn inspiration and motivation from his surroundings. Be it the scenic beaches of the North Antrim coast to the rolling hills of South Down, George has embraced nature and wildlife. These often find their way in to his designs dating as far back as 1976 when George created ‘Dolphin’ profile bracing.

One such animal that caught his eye whilst living in rural County Down was the Pine Marten. This incredibly rare, native to Ireland, creature had set up home in the woods between the Lowden family home and our workshop at the time in Downpatrick. Evoking images of fond memories, the Pine Marten has now found its way on to the design of an ‘as yet to be revealed’ guitar, and is therefore rightly pictured on the label and provenance book that accompanies each of the 70 birthday guitars.

Available Exclusively From:

Please Note: Guitars will be shipping to stores throughout July and August and may not be listed for sale online just yet.

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