My Lowden

I own a Lowden and have a question about provenance, registering the warranty service and support, what gear to get.

First of all congratulations, and thanks so much for playing our guitars. This section is all about you and your instrument.

New guitar? Step 1 is to make sure your Warranty is Registered! You can do this here.

Can we help you regarding:

Model History and Provenance – Over the years our passion for the craft hasn’t always meant the best record keeping! Since we were true to our times and rather ‘laid back’ about everything other than the guitars themselves, we do not have extensive detailed serial number archives for the early years. We do have guidance for determining the era of your guitar can be found here. We have a great community of Lowden staff and Lowden owners online who are very happy to help also, please get connected here where there’s other Lowden owners from every era of our story.

Service and Support – Head here for care instructions for your Lowden guitar. For set up, service, repair, or to ask a technical question your first port of call is your local Lowden dealer. We have carefully selected partnership with our dealers and work them routinely on care and service of our guitars. In addition you can find a list of specialists known to us. Please note that ALL warranty related adjustments to Lowden guitars must have written authorisation from our repairs specialist directly to the authorised repairer.

Gear, gear, gear! – From capos to saddles to t-shirts, our shop has what you need and a few things you just plain want.

Want to speak with someone? Our telephone number is +44 (0)28 44 61 91 61. We are here 9-5 Monday to Friday UK time.

Our showroom is open 9-5 every day, but we have a very limited amount of guitars in stock due to being backordered over a year. Your best chance to play through the range is your local dealer. Tours at Lowden are only by pre-appointment on a Friday afternoon and are usually scheduled weeks in advance. Our small workshops can only handle a few folks at a time, so do call us well in advance to arrange a tour.

Where are the workshops?

Our showroom is located at:
27 Down Business Park
Belfast Road
BT30 9UP