Alex De Grassi

Grammy nominated artist Alex De Grassi’s fingerstyle exploits convey the greatest emotion from even the quietest moments. A talented improvisational artist, his contemplative work conveys exceptional clarity and subtlety, and we are very proud to celebrate decades of collaboration with this masterful player.

Alex has been playing Lowden since the early eighties and it is befitting of his
exceptional talent that we mark this relationship with his signature model.
This beautiful guitar has a full, round, ‘jazz like’ tone and yet it has much more sustain,
clarity and sensitivity than an arch top guitar.

It was back in the early eighties that Alex de Grassi first started playing Lowden guitars and our relationship has grown through various new guitars since then. I’ve designed this new signature model for Alex with the aim of matching his wish list in terms of playability (slightly wider neck with comfortable profile, and a deeper cutaway for the upper registers). The tone is slightly “jazzy” – warm and full with slightly accentuated upper mids.