Paul Brady

The new Paul Brady Signature Model from Lowden celebrates the exclusive connection between these two great Irish names which has existed since the early nineties. Paul Brady’s songs have been widely covered by the great and the good on both sides of the Atlantic. Among his most popular songs are “Crazy Dreams”, “Nothing but the Same Old Story”, “The Island”, “Night Hunting” (covered by Santana), “Steel Claw” and “Paradise is Here”(covered by Tina Turner). He collaborated with a number of other established musicians including Richard Thompson and Bonnie Raitt, who did a duet with Brady on his 1991 LP “Trick or Treat”. A couple of Brady songs also appeared on Raitt’s album Luck of the Draw, including the title track.

In recent times, Paul has chosen to use a mic on stage for his guitar rather than a pick-up system. He has been successful with this even when playing alongside his band at high volume levels. The Signature Model has been designed with extra projection to facilitate this mic-only set up.

Fans of both Irishmen will be delighted to welcome this addition to the Lowden Signature Models, each of which are made in recognition of great guitarists who have chosen to play Lowden.